And on to the next 12 weeks we go

To be clear from the beginning, blood test and scan were both good news! Blood test shows everything completely back to normal (including liver enzymes) and the scan shows all as stable from the last scan. Again, I’ll have more detail once they do the over-read for the trial, but the net result is everything is great. 

So that’s it then. First 12 week cycle without any treatment at all and all remains stable. It’s strange, while yes I am very excited and happy, what I am experiencing most is just plain relief. The build up over the last few days has hit me I think, added to not the greatest nights sleep over past couple days, and I am feeing this “let down” almost. Mentally worn out for sure, but don’t mistake that at all for a lack of happiness. It’s just been a crazy few days of thinking about this in ways that I hadn’t really in a long time. I talk to people about it every so often and I’m actually happy to do it. I’m honored they care enough to ask and want to know, and for some reason I’m able to just let it go immediately after. It’s like that’s just my past that I am sharing, but in reality it’s my life. Cancer will likely come after me again and again I will be ready. 
For now though, I celebrate the victories along the way. I celebrate getting that much more time with my family, living my life, and getting to coach some incredible swimmers at USC and Rose Bowl. 
I also want to thank all of you for your incredible support. As one of my swimmers put it, cancer messed with the wrong hombre here, and I couldn’t agree more. Not just because of who I am or how I hate to lose though, but more in that the TEAM I have behind me is absolutely phenomenal. I still cannot believe all of the support I have received in the past and continue to now, and I just want to once again sincerely thank all of you for your love and support along this journey. 
Cheers to yet another stable scan and to all of YOU that help give me the strength to FIGHT ON! 

4 thoughts on “And on to the next 12 weeks we go

  1. Hallelujah! I am thankful and thrilled! You are always an inspiration! You have a busy summer ahead and we are excited to celebrate with you again at T’s Graduation in two weeks! Thank you for being such an awesome brother! I love you and am proud of you every day! #ULA #rockon #winning

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  2. Absolutely AWESOME! So happy for you and your family and I want to say thank you for your inspiration and Can-Do-Attitude! Cancer CAN BE BEAT!

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  3. Jeff I cannot express my feelings any better than the two previous gals have. First your wonderful sister and second my amazing daughter. You truly are an amazing man. Here’s to all the goodness that lies ahead of you on your continuing journey. Love and prayers always coming your way.

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