A “Month of Hope” to celebrate 4 years!

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I will forever celebrate “new year’s” just a few days later than most. Today, January 4th, 2019 marks a full four years since I was first handed the diagnosis of lung cancer. And with the blessing of being here and getting to live life, what a journey of life lessons learned this has been for me. If I were to really be open and honest, it’s more about the life lessons I have been exposed to and am now working on to truly learn. It’s all a process and never an easy one, but I am just happy to be here to enjoy this journey.

I have decided that I am going to go through my own, “Month of Hope” (Jan 4th (diagnosis) to Feb 5th (treatment began), to share something that has come to mean so much to me through this journey, which is my feelings on “Hope”, and to help myself get back on my process of healthy living and finding personal balance by doing things for me like writing. I figured using this Month of Hope would help me get back on things that I have let slip and celebrate life for all it offers us and the hope for a better tomorrow.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure where this post was going to go. I just wanted to share my journey of a Month of Hope and thank all of you for everything you have given me over the years. Things as simple as kind words or prayers have meant so much, and then to see what I have seen in support and love, I still tear up to this day thinking about that piece of it. It’s been an incredible 4 years.

I found what I wanted to share though. As I typed of getting back on my process, new year’s, my month of hope, etc., I kept thinking about resolutions. In the end, it’s all that I am looking to do. I resolved 4 years ago that I really should be living a healthier lifestyle and Kristine and I have continued to explore what that means for us nutritionally, physically, mentally, and any other way that may come up.

So, I hear, or read, about so many people saying resolutions shouldn’t be used. They always “fail” anyway. It’s pointless to set them and then just feel bad about not doing them. I guess I understand that those people aren’t “wrong” about the results, but I feel like they are missing the point. I wanted to offer my suggestions on how not to give up on resolutions, but to change your approach to them instead. My suggestions on how to approach your resolutions.

  • Call it a resolution, goal, or whatever you want, the bottom line is this is something you have decided that you want to do, awesome! And January 1st seems like a pretty easy to remember start date for this venture to me. So far so good, I don’t see any negatives there.
  • Change isn’t easy, you need to believe in “why” you want to do this resolution. It’s the first step and often the most missed one. Motivation is fleeting if it is not backed by a deep sense of why you want to make this change. Is this just a fleeting decision likely to be replaced by something else? Is this something you have always “wanted” and “failed”, and just continue to say you want? Ask yourself “why” and decide if that “why” is strong enough to start the process.
  • What’s the process? Whatever the resolution is, there’s a process to get to it. If you believe you can just make the one “simple” change, this is going to be nearly impossible to stay consistent or even ever be successful in the first place. Quick example, I want to sleep 8 hours a night. Simple resolution, my wake up is 6am, so that simply means I need to be sleeping by 10pm. If I leave it simply at that, I would be shocked if it worked, even with the “why” behind it. But if you take the next steps of looking at what that means to the rest of the evening; dinner should be at this time so I am done eating x hours before sleep, turn off electronics x hours before bed, going to do this to wind down, etc.; then your odds of being successful will skyrocket.
  • Be realistic on what you call success. The last step in giving yourself the best opportunity is really to be more realistic on what you consider success and the timeline it needs to be done. If we quit everything we ever “failed” at, we would not be a very advanced society. To make a resolution at 100% or bust is only setting yourself up for failure from the start. This is a year long process for you to find a way to make it a habit. If it means something to you, then see the little successes along the way and just keep taking those little steps.

Thanks for reading this journal, and if you do want to follow along, my “Month of Hope” will include different social media posts and journal entries about Hope, what it means to me, and what I believe it can do for all of us.

It’s this strange blend of the fastest 4 years of my life and yet thinking back through how blessed I am to be here and experience all that I have been given over those same 4 years it seems like there is so much. I guess that is it in the end, even with the ultimate blessing of being here to live life fully, it still all goes by way too fast. I hope that each of you will remember to enjoy the day, catch the little moments, and remember how blessed we all are to be living life.

#Hope #LiveLife #catchthelittlemoments #4yrCanceversary

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