My view on Hope…

Day 2 of my “Month of Hope” and I would like to share what “hope” means to me. Seems like that might be a good place to start these posts, I guess. 😏

Hope is something that has taken on an entirely deeper meaning to me over the course of my journey. I actually share my journey of needing to fight for hope in doctor visits when I get the opportunity to share my story. All when I thought we were going to try to find a TEAMmate to help me fight. This isn’t that story though. This is more about the result of how I see hope now.

My short definition is that hope is the belief that something better is possible tomorrow. It’s really quite a basic belief, but after my experience, I believe it to be the foundation in which we build life. Not the only one, in fact a notebook I was given and use for notes on these types of things seems to lay out three pretty important foundations. Faith, Hope, and Love. Define them all as you wish in your life, but they are all pretty important foundational pieces.

I’m talking about Hope though. That belief that something better is in store. It’s amazing to me how when things are going well hope springs eternal, but when we actually need that foundation the most, we are willing to let it be taken away. When we hit rock bottom we need to realize that the rock that we have hit is hope that we can now stand up and move forward. Hope is that exact willingness to stand up when all else seems lost.

Hope may very well be one of the most basic of things in life, yet I believe it to be one of the most powerful as well.

Let’s see if I can tie a couple of these things together. At least share how I view it a bit. Let’s imagine that you feel lost and in the dark. If your personal faith or whatever you believe to be true about life is your “light” in that darkness, then Hope is your ability to let your eyes refocus to that light and allows you to see a way forward from where you are now.

Hope is a strength that I pray none of you ever give up. It’s not easy and we may lose it from time to time, but never ever let someone take your hope away and definitely never just give it away yourself. If you find yourself needing it, be willing to let your hope lead the way. And once you do, then be willing to get to work to get back to where you want to be.

Thanks for joining me on my Month of Hope. I am sharing some of my deeper thoughts on hope, but maybe you will also find pieces that connect with you. From here there will be shorter thoughts on hope and it’s impact on my life. Thanks again all for being a part.

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2 thoughts on “My view on Hope…

  1. I like the image of hitting rock bottom and HOPE being why we stand on the rock and reach – your words inspire me to acts of kindness in word or deed – not for adulation but for comfort of my soul

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  2. What an awesome post! Your writing is inspiring and I really love your analogies. After all, who among us doesn’t hit bottom? Thank you for sharing your insights …. I agree that all forward motion starts with hope. Fight On! Love you, ❤️

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