There’s no such thing as “false hope”!

2015-08-16 17.54.15

As I was thinking through my “Month of Hope”, I had originally thought this would be a quick post and I would just leave it as simply as that, There’s no such thing as “false hope”. So, that’s it in a nutshell, but as I was thinking it through this morning, I wanted to explore that a little more in a blog entry.

Before I start, please understand that while I have personally been blessed in my cancer journey thus far, I am very much aware that the hope demonstrated doesn’t always turn out how one was hoping. And I really wish to convey first that this isn’t meant to be a judgement on anyone’s personal journey, how things were approached, or against some that even possibly hold a resentment towards the hope that was felt in past heartache, these are just my thoughts for those interested.

With that said, it seems to me when people speak of “false hope” they are not really understanding what “hope” is or at least what I believe it can be for people. “Hope” is never a promise of a certain thing happening in the future. Nothing can do that for us. Hard work is about the closest thing I can think of that can come close to a promise of something in the future, but I digress. To call something “false hope” because it’s not likely to happen misses the point entirely, and sadly takes hope away when I think it is needed most.

“Hope” isn’t a promise for tomorrow, in fact I don’t really think it’s about tomorrow in the end. Yes, we are hoping for something better tomorrow, but if you really look at what “hope” means to people, it’s not about tomorrow.

“Hope” is a state of mind in which we live life. It’s about how we live today, with that foundation of hope beneath us. No one knows what tomorrow brings, but even more reason to me to live today with “HOPE” established firmly in your heart.

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