Hope through hardships

Today feels like a day for a blog. It’s now officially Day 25 of my Month of Hope (but this will count as Days 23-24-25, given I am tending to take weekends off of this venture ;-), and I’ve spent a good part of the weekend and morning reflecting of things and starting to look over my journal from January 2015. It’s been interesting to see my journals for the first time in a while. That trip back 4 years doesn’t have me down at all really, but more reflective I would say, and very excited to have started the writing process officially now :). So this is more just sharing some thoughts on hope through the hardships in life.

While, yes, obviously my cancer journey has been a hardship, but I am also referring to those that your hopes may not come true. The one that comes to mind most for me is my mom and her fight against Parkinson’s. My hopes changed many times during that journey, but the key isn’t whether they came true or not, it is what that hope does for us day by day. In fact, while we always termed her as the champion of the underdog, I think that really came from her overabundance of Hope. That deep sense of hope inspires an optimism about life that is infectious, and it’s what I see in her smile every time I see it.

Life is tough sometimes, there’s no mistaking that. While positive mindsets, grit, hope, and so many other things can help you live a better life, we don’t always have control over the hardships that life will throw at us. That’s why it’s also important for us to be able to adjust your hopes and continue on. Re-enter that Process of Hope at the Hope stage and start building from there.

It’s my hope that you can understand that I realize that none of this is easy, but then that’s when we need that hope most. That is exactly the point to me. It isn’t going to ever be easy during those hardships, but hope is what can allow us to stand back up and start living again.

Here are my thoughts from the weekend:

Memories are for treasuring yesterday, any thing else is wasted

Hope is for today and choosing to live your life no matter circumstances

Faith is for tomorrow and believing that there is a bigger meaning to whatever happens

If you are struggling now, I wish for you the hope needed to continue to fight. For all others, I pray that you will never be challenged such that you lose your hope, but if you are, I pray you find it again, stronger than ever.

Thanks #TEAMjeff for following along my journey.

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