Finding Hope through chaos

In an attempt to reignite my writing process, I thought I’d start with a blog, and it just seems fitting to talk about Hope in this time of chaos. I’m going to do my best to avoid political potholes here, as unfortunately I think that’s part of our overall problem. Instead I am going to focus on Hope and the things I think grow from that foundation.

The word hope gets utilized all the time, from anything like “I hope you are well” to the deep hope of survival that some experience during their lives, like my fellow cancer thrivors. The range of strength of the word I think leaves some lost on just how strong the word is and even more in the feeling. Hope isn’t just some wish for something good to happen.

In my experience, I’ve found that those who have had Hope tested, but have otherwise leaned on it to get through that time, are the people who truly believe in the power of Hope. It’s not about Faith either. Faith in more about the belief that your journey is meant to be, that there is a higher meaning, and that you can lean on that as support in whatever happens. Hugely important, but I state that only to share my separation of those two words/feelings.

Hope is what feeds your strength, when all else appears to be lost. Even for the most confident and full of belief, hope is what brings people back from the brink. It is that last line of defense before completely giving up, and exactly why I think it is so important to share the Power of Hope.

And never let anyone tell you that you have “false hope”. What is that supposed to mean? They honestly believe that you’ve reached a point where you should give up all Hope and just let things happen? First off, this world has too many incredible things happen to ever think that it’s impossible, but even more I go back to my thought of Hope. When you have Hope it actually isn’t about the future to me. Hope is what can get you up in the morning and it is what lets you live your life with more positivity and optimism (which is good for all of us).

Let’s see if I can put that into reality. I am a big believer in Hope, not because I am here today, but rather because it allowed me to live my life in a positive manner even when I didn’t know if I would be here today. I needed it most when Doctors looked at me like I was a foregone conclusion. I had to fight for it, in fact I needed support so that I didn’t lose it, but once I understood the power, I have vowed to never give it up again.

The past is done, we need to let it go. The now is what we control and that’s about Hope and Love. The future is largely not in our control, so we leave that to Faith. In this time of chaos, I think we need to remember to just live one day at a time. If you need a rest day, take it, but never give up Hope. Let Hope lead to dreams, dreams lead to goals, goals to action (process), and action to results, then you just decide where to reinsert yourself back into the Process of Hope. (earlier blog, Feb 2019)

It is my wish that you are all well and managing to take care of yourselves during this time. And whether it be during this time or anything else that you are ever tested with, remember to never give up Hope!

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