It’s good to be home….

A day of recovery quickly turned into a day of coming home. While I knew we were getting close, with no procedures left to take care of inpatient, I was figuring a day of recovery, seeing how my eating will sit and process, and of course make sure the clots are under control and can be treated from home. Turns out my expectations were a little conservative. Surgery team cleared me this morning, they turned the heparin off, started me on pills, and it was time to get ready to head home.

A morning of labs, etc, a quick visit from Kristine to start carrying things home, a couple hour nap to catch up from being woken up every few hours during nights, and all of the sudden it was time to head home. Discharge process very easy and I was finally home, after nearly two weeks in the hospital. I have to say though, the 6th floor West nursing crew at Huntington Hospital was phenomenal. Always there to help, always supportive and caring, and just all that you could ask for from the profession. I’m lucky to have had them there for me, and while they will never see this, they made a very difficult time almost easy to get through. They rotated quite a bit, so it became too hard to keep up with how many I had over those two weeks, but rest assured, they’ll be getting a nice meal the next time they come together for a staff meeting. 🙂

The doctors I worked with, especially my GI specialist, surgeon, my advocate (Greg Giesler, former Rose Bowl parent who has always been there for me) and last hospitalist from my primal care provider, were all incredible as well. My nurses often talked about the amount of doctors that came by to visit and check on me, and they just don’t quite see those crowds normally. I am blessed on this journey without a doubt.

Now comes the fight. First step is a PET scan that we got rushed and set up for tomorrow. Just to confirm where exactly we stand in terms of cancer spread. We’re also still waiting on the results of the bronchoscopy/lymph biopsy, to see where that is coming from as well. Then, come Monday morning, I’m back to UCLA to go to my oncologist at 9am and start planning our fight ahead. Currently it seems there is a look towards immunotherapy again, but we’ll see what makes sense and go from there.

Thank you all for your amazing notes, gifts, flowers/plants, and messages of hope, you’ve fueled me through some tough times and I could never thank you enough. Many times these days, it’s only then, when I talk about the support I have received, that I still can’t help but to tear up. It’s a humbling feeling and touches you deeper than you can ever know unless you find yourself in this tough a situation. Thank you.

Coming home now though feels so good. To sit next to Kristine, get to see Daisy (here’s her welcome back for me), and just to be back home is such an amazing feeling. The pain is manageable, food seems to be handled well, and I am ready to fight. Now it’s time to just rest tonight. Thank you all for coming along with my journey, it’s encouraging to know that you are there for me.

8 thoughts on “It’s good to be home….

  1. Looks like you have fantastic care and all the love in the world. Your sweet doggie will also be on team Jeff . We continue to pray for you , the doctors , your family and are sending Love and Light your way. LIBBY, Tracy and April Gilbert

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  2. awww… Daisy missed her Papa. We are so very happy you are home… there’s no place like home. ❤️ And eating …. so grateful you are getting nourishment again! Rest well and feel better. Your strength and fortitude were always there… but now you will be unstoppable! Love and hugs to you and K. Talk to you soon! ULA

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  3. Ahh, such great news that you are home! That should help the recovery – but listen to Kristine and your body!😄 Keep getting as much rest as you can and avoid the strong tendency in our family of trying to do too much too early. 😄
    And all of TEAMjeff remains with you for the rest of this journey! Much much love and pride – and prayers, Pops ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Bob and I are praying for you and for Kristin….that you continue to have strength for the journey ahead. And for another hard fought for and won miracle!
    Carol McCrary

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  5. Jeff
    What a beautiful Picture. Daisy is the best medicine you could Ever ask for. Welcome home !!. We at Blast are praying for you on your recovery and to kick this in the butt.
    Be well my Friend,
    Meg and the Blast Family

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