Oct 6th Update

It’s been a couple days now, and we are now in full BEATCANCER mode. I’ve re-enlisted my sister to handle the medical intake and help deal with appointments, insurance, etc. So, now we march forward.

Monday was my appointment with Dr Goldman (oncologist that treated me for my lung cancer), and it went about as expected. It looks like with insurance it is easier to work with him and have him being consulting with the Gastric team at UCLA along the way. The results of the Foundation test came back, and had a mix of results, with some missing. The PET scan report wasn’t available to me yet and Dr. Goldman was uploading the scan itself, so those results didn’t come on Monday either. We do have an initial plan (not yet finalized) of a combo chemo and immunotherapy for 3 months, surgery if still needed from treatment, and 3 months of treatment. Interestingly it seems it was one of the reports that BMS had sent over as well.

All in all it was a good appointment and I really like Dr.Goldman, but we’re making sure we can talk to a few opinions on the best steps for my case. It looks like it would be late next week or the week after that I would start my treatment at this point.  

Then came today and getting ready for a port procedure that is on Friday and all of the hurdles associated. We did get a chance to see the report from the PET scan, and while it didn’t appear to be in any other organs, it did appear that it has spread to more than just the two lymph nodes. Otherwise, Jaimi starting the process of no stone unturned and working quickly through it. I’m blessed with the TEAM behind me.

And that leaves me to take care of myself and be ready to fight. It’s already been a bumpier ride than last time and may prove itself to be even more going forward, but I know any price I pay is worth the chance of living life. So I must prepare my body. I ‘m gaining weight as I am home eating now, starting to be able to move around a little better overall, and getting myself mentally strong. I am building my process to the point there’s no way I can lose. That’s my job now and I’m getting to work.

Thank You TEAMjeff, you give me strength when I need it most.

6 thoughts on “Oct 6th Update

  1. Good news so far. Bless Jaimi for handling the rigorous business matters. That’s a huge task. Congratulations on eating and gaining weight. It will benefit your battle. Watch out, Cancer, Jeff is on a rooting tooting roll. 🙏💕

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  2. You are in our thoughts everyday Jeff! Thank you for the updates. I’m so happy that you have a wonderful sister that can help with all the awful insurance nightmare so you can focus on healing.

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  3. Jeff, Gather your strength from your time at home and with rest and good food. You are surrounded by incredible family and friends. There is most certainly a prayer being prayed on your behalf every moment of every day. We will be thinking of you as you face the appts and procedures of this week and next. Rest well tonight. ‘I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’ Psalm 16: 8. Ted and Lynn Bandaruk

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