Oct 8th Update – A wild ride indeed…

It’s been over a week being home now, and the balance between days flying by and other days of feeling stuck recovering and time going by very slowly has been an odd feeling for sure. I am feeling much better from the surgery, and I’ve been able to put on about 20lbs in the last 3 weeks now, so that is a good thing in itself.

As I have said, I have my sister helping me out with Doctor appointments, etc. and she’s been hard at work. Focus this week was putting a port in, so we got a Covid test yesterday and again came back negative today. Labs taken. We were ready to go for the morning, until yet another change. I’ve come to expect changes during this journey, so we rolled with it. Turns out I am approved through insurance for the procedure, but not at UCLA. So the scramble ensues and we get it set up for Tuesday, Oct 13th. Then another Doctor discussion today and hearing more about options and why things might make sense for me. Back to Dr. Goldman and now we are set up to start with immunotherapy on Monday, Oct 12th, which is when I get to start winning this fight. So a wild ride on so many levels, but in the end we are right on path to starting this fight. We’ll see when we take a next step, but for now things are looking to start on Monday and we are pretty excited about it.

Then I also have to share some gifts shared today. The first one is the National Group sharing that they have my back, and each signed the back. But then if you notice the second shirt, way down at the bottom of the back of the shirt, simply states, “I farted!”. Haha, I love it! The second a reminder of Hope through this journey. I am ready….

Thank you all for your incredible support, #TEAMjeff rocks!

2 thoughts on “Oct 8th Update – A wild ride indeed…

  1. Love the shirt … that is awesome! Great job RB National Team! ❤️🌹 You are the HOPE leader! Obstacles and change ups in this crazy time are no match for you!! And #TEAMjeff always has your back!!! Time to rock!!! Love you! – big sis

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  2. Insurance companies really don’t want to make things easy, do they?! But good to see you’re rolling with the punches. 👍😊 The journey and the battle won’t be easy, but with your positive attitude and Jaimi on the job, and all the huge love, prayers, and positive belief of TEAMjeff behind you, you will WIN!!! 👍👍👍😄❤️🥰😊

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