Oct 10th Update – Getting ready to fight!

It’s an odd time for me right now. On one hand I am recovering from surgery and getting stronger it seems each and every day. I’ve been able to put on a solid 20lbs since walking into the emergency room over 3 weeks ago. So, in a number of ways, I feel that much better and stronger than I have in a while, but then on the other side I now realize that I am again up against a stage 4 cancer battle.

And I guess that’s where things become odd for me. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but going through this a second time is hard to process. I’m ready to fight and believe I can win, so it’s not a lack of optimism. On the other hand, I understand the hill I must climb once again. It’s a daunting thing, with the most dire of results possible, but, in the end, I am just finding myself ready to get down to the business of beating cancer.

I guess that is what it comes down to, I am just ready to focus on the process that I need to take and fighting for everything we can get. To worry about the other things would be way too daunting to take, so instead it is this focus on taking care of me and being focused on getting the things done to start fighting. It’s that focus on process over anything else, because that is all I can impact.

TEAMjeff continues to touch my heart. The TEAM asked if a gofundme page would be helpful for us, and, with the financial piece always being of concern for me, we agreed that it would really help us be prepared for the fight ahead of us. To see the support that has come in, even during this crazy pandemic time, makes me tear up just thinking about it. To hear from the Dors and their thoughts of my being on deck and seeing their support through social media has only strengthened my resolve that much more as well. And all of the support from Rose Bowl Aquatics that means so much.  

It’s time to fight. We now know the bully in front of us, but we’ve never been one to step back from a bully. So we fight instead. We start Monday with the first treatment of Opdivo, and we’ll just keep attacking from there based on how things go.

Thank you TEAMjeff, for everything you do. From those that are in a position to help us with gifts, to those offering their prayers, love, and support, you are all keeping me strong and ready for this fight and I could never thank you enough.

#TEAMjeff rocks!

4 thoughts on “Oct 10th Update – Getting ready to fight!

  1. You are the warrior, Jeff!!!! I know it’s not easy, but don’t waste effort on “why me?” – as you know, that only detracts from your focus and process! You got this, man! And you’ve got “half the world” with you and supporting you! 😊
    Tons of love, pride, and prayers, Pops.

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  2. You are surely loved by so very many people. Your strength, hope and optimism continue to inspire everyone! This has been and will be a tough battle but you are also the toughest they come! So go and and kick some cancer axx!!! Love you always! -J

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  3. Hi Jeff!
    We’ve never met but I am friends with your sister Megan. I was just diagnosed with Stage 4 ALK+ NSC Adenocarcinoma in August. Have had two rounds iv chemo and stated Alectinib chemo pills two weeks ago. Just got the results of my CT and my primary tumor is GONE and all other areas have shown interval regression! Just wanted to give you a bit of hope from someone who knows what your going through! Keep up the good fight! You’ve got another cheerleader!

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  4. Hey Warrior,
    Sending you all the love and blessings from here in Antigua, Guatemala. Kick Cancer in the ass so you and Kristine can get down here and experience the natural beauty of this country. I’ve got a volcano with your name on it that we’re going to hike! Charge the world Jeff!

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