Oct 23rd Update

This is most likely to be a short one, as it seems every time I get my computer out to do something, I end falling asleep with it on my lap. In fact, that would be most of my past couple days. After treatment on Wednesday, I actually felt pretty good overall and just took it easy. Thursday I ended up being able to get my first haircut in 8 months (thank you so much Leah and wow, I could get used to this at home, outdoor set up for haircuts 😉 ), then hung out for a bit still feeling pretty good, and then the afternoon hit.

The “before”:

And the “after”: (now we are really getting ready go…)

From Thursday afternoon through now, I think I have slept the majority of the time. Took a quick trip to the Burbank office of UCLA Oncology (which makes the disconnecting of the 48hr chemo pump SOOOO much easier), but otherwise back to bed and getting rest. Luckily, so far that’s the worst of it. I am feeling pretty good overall otherwise.

So now I rest and let me body go to work. I’ve tried to learn over the years of when to push and when to rest, and this one I have down. This is the time for my body to push itself, I need to otherwise give it the rest it needs to keep going. My body needs to go to work against the cancer and start taking names, and for it to do that, I just need to make sure I focus on the other parts of the process. Sleep and rest being a key one. Nutrition and hydration also both crucial pieces.

A very nice article was written as well and thought I’d share that here if you can zoom in to read it. 😊

As always, I can’t thank you all for being my support during this time. #TEAMjeff #kickcancersbutt #wegotthis

5 thoughts on “Oct 23rd Update

  1. Wooo hooo – haircut!!! Lookin’ good, my man!!! 👍😄
    I believe you’re on the tight track for this battle/journey! Rest, nutrition, hydration is what your body needs and you control those. Go for broke, Jeff – we know you are! And TEAMjeff is with you all the way!
    What a great article! Couldn’t read the second page, tho. Taking two pics of it might work.
    So much love, faith, and pride are yours,
    Pops ❤️💜🙏😊


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