Down days are the worst….

Today is just one of those days. Not where things are going wrong or that there’s anything in particular that is wrong, but just one of those down days. Of course my journey may very well have those come up a little more often than under normal circumstances, but it’s just the same reminder that you may need to slow down and take care of yourself a bit more in the process.

Today is just one of those days where things are catching up a bit. It’s been a great week of seeing Trenton and then being able to get back on deck, at least a little bit, but it seems to have come crashing down today. Again, nothing “wrong” per se, just so tired and unable to really focus on much.

And that’s when the mind (my mind at least), starts messing with you. Those little worries (or maybe big sometimes), those missed opportunities, the feelings of not doing enough, or just all the things you’d love to get done. The mind doesn’t seem to want to focus, so instead jumps from thing to thing, and when I am worn out like today, it tends to sway towards the negative side of things. So, then I decide that it’s not going to happen today for workout because I know I need to rest and continue recovery, but of course, even that is a decision that ways on my mind at these times.

This blog is one of those more therapy blogs for me than anything else, but I do believe it’s okay to go through the down days. I personally need to learn how to manage them a bit better, but the downs are just as much a part of life as the ups.To beat ourselves up for down days is treating ourselves with no respect at all. We need to understand that ups and downs will always come, and that you may not always understand exactly why you feel down at times. That’s OK. What can’t be okay is allowing yourself to dwell in that negative space, like that is your life. Live your life with hope and optimism, even when all you feel is the opposite. You are being tested for that better tomorrow, and you are strong enough to get through.

So, I rest up today. I do what I can to calm my mind, I sleep, I hydrate, and I give myself a break for not being able to do quite everything I want to get done. Then I get up tomorrow ready for a new day!

TEAMjeff, or course, continues to get me through and give me strength, but sometimes the timing just seems too perfect. As I go through my “down day” here, I get a video message from through social media from what looks like the entire DC Tridents of the ISL. Thank you so much for your support and thinking of me over there. I am so very bummed that I couldn’t be there and is actually one of those “negative” thoughts of missed opportunities, etc., but it means so much to have that support from other teams as well.

Thank you all for your support along the way. While today may have been a day of needed rest, we are making great progress forward, getting stronger and stronger, and ready to BEAT CANCER!

4 thoughts on “Down days are the worst….

  1. Hang in there, big guy! Your words show that you really do have a good handle on it! And your outlook is terrific! We all have down days, I feel they are part of life. And you have far better reason than most of us. But you also have a far better outlook than most of us probably do. We follow your blog avidly out of respect and love, but I feel the most important aspect of it is how it helps you. So keep it up, we’ll “listen.” 😊 Love you, Jeff – and sooo proud! Pops ❤️❤️🙏🙏

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  2. To be honest – a perpetual Pollyanna is tiring to be around and very unrealistic. Down Days are part of most people’s lives no matter who they are. Tomorrow will be different. Go with the flow! Prayers continue. 🙏💕

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  3. Jeff – your incredible focus and heartfelt messages even during difficult moments is an inspiration to us all! I am always amazed by your steadfast display of strength and courage. You keep going and give your body and mind always what it needs – we are pulling for you – your BMS Family!!

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  4. As the pendulum goes up so must it swing down; but keep your sights high and take these days to rest and recover. Great time to write in your blog, and organize your thoughts! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You’re an inspiration my friend, and we’re sending positive vibes your way. Keep fighting the good fight!

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