Rest allows for bounce backs

Well, that was quite a weekend. Okay, it’s not going to sound like anything big for most of you, but for me it was quite a weekend.

Saturday morning I made my second trip back to the pool deck, again just to catch about an hour of each of the groups workouts, and have an opportunity to check in with the coaches a bit as well. Tried out my new voice amplifier a bit as well, in hopes of eve being able to lead a workout again soon, and that worked great. So a couple hours on deck, similar to Wednesday, but really felt pretty good the rest of the day as well. It’s actually amazing what an impact (good or bad) your shoes make just standing on a concrete deck for a couple hours.

After feeling as strong as I did, and with the bonus of an extra hour sleep, I was hoping to not only make the early morning Sunday workout, but also lead it. So Saturday turned in to just basically resting and taking care of myself, but it payed off.

Led my first workout in a while today, and it was a blast. We mixed things up a bit and played some games during our sets, but what great energy it brings to be on deck leading the group again. Then it was back home to rest up some more, and we had some friends coming over, something else that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

Such a great visit with Joe and Amy, thank you both for making the trip up. A nice little socially distanced, backyard hang out, so much fun. And I had to share some pics. The first one is such a cool idea, his team spelled out hope in the water and put some real work into it, and my favorite part is my buddy jumping in on the E with a bucket, just to find a way to make it work. Solutions over excuses, I love it.

One of the coolest, most original HOPE signs… so cool
And as a sign of the times, we have the masked version…
And the hold your breath version…

The just finished the day alternating between resting and looking over National Group plans for the next couple months. As I wrap up the weekend with this blog, I can’t help but think how much better I feel, how quickly things can swing, and how important it is to stay positive and keep your hope always, so that they can swing quickly.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I don’t just share the ups, so you’ll experience some of the “downs” as well, but what I hope most is that you can take something to help you in some way.

Now we head into treatment week. Wednesday’s are the day for both, so I am expecting a wiped out end of the week, but we’ll just do some coaching on Monday, rest up on Tuesday, and see what treatment has in store of me this week. Thanks again TEAMjeff, I hope you all had a very Happy Halloween and a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Rest allows for bounce backs

  1. Very glad you’re blogging the journey and including both ups and downs. It lets all of us know you more completely and makes your journey more real. And greatly inspires all of us all the more! And so happy that you’re showing and feeling such progress! But be careful, feeling better tends to make us try to do too much too soon. 😄 You got this, Jeff! And we’re all with you! So much love and pride, Pops. ❤️❤️🙏🙏

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  2. It was great seeing you back on deck with the National Group, leading practice. You are an inspiration and a model of courage and determination for our teens, and the group responded with such positive energy yesterday morning. Bravo Coach Jeff.
    As a Bruin, I don’t like to say this, but…
    “Fight On” Coach Jeff!

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