Treatment #2

Today was my second treatment and all had gone great so far. Still a couple days of an at home pump to go and very likely some good rest, but feeling really good otherwise.

Nothing major to report, as we are in our “work” phase, but always great to see my Doctor and have him say he doesn’t see any reason no to be optimistic. Now, to understand, he’s not normally pessimistic at all, but in my experience both times now, he is a bit tentative until he feels good about the direction. Today’s meeting, for instance, much more upbeat that the first ones. I’m stronger, got weight back on, and really feeling pretty good all things consider. Things are looking up my friends. 😊

Even got the room with a view today! 😎 A little hazy for sure, but really the beauty is what you find sometimes. So it was a nice place to be and see the beauty in life.

Thanks all for your incredible support. I am so very blessed on so many levels and can only hope to express my gratitude effectively.


8 thoughts on “Treatment #2

  1. Definitely sounds like good progress!!! Keep on being you with your positive outlook and your process. We are happy and proud to be members of such a fantastic support group such as TEAMjeff! Keep going!!! 👍❤️🙏😄🥰😘

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  2. One day at a time!!!! Sounds like great progress and it’s always good to hear how you are doing!!!! We keep praying for you and your health daily!!!!! ‘My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him.’ Psalm 62:5. Help me be quiet in Your presence, Lord, then speak to me with a still small voice. Ted and Lynn Bandaruk

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  3. Good to know your 2nd treatment had gone well, Coach Jeff. Hope your at-home-pump sessions are going well and you are resting as much as you need.

    Stay positive and strong. Our family and the whole TEAM is rooting for ya!

    In prayer,
    P.S. Even though we already heard the news from Coach Kristine herself via email regarding her becoming a volunteer coach for the UCLA Women’s swim team, Sean, Sr. and I just read the article SwimSwam ran on it. Here’s wishing her the very best for her new coaching endeavor! #8Clap

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  4. Jeff, this is great news! I’ve been praying for your treatments to be successful and for a full complete recovery and a ton of peace for you, Kristine and Trenton as you go through this. I will keep the prayers coming!

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