Overall a good day for treatment #3

Today was treatment #3 and all in all a good day. It turned out after such a busy weekend that I needed Monday off the pool deck and then Tuesday is actually out off day, but luckily was able to get some good work done at home instead and clear a bit of my todo list.

Treatment today started early, but then got off to a bit of a slow start, possible with a question of going, although it never really got to me as a question. My first step every time I go in is they need to run a blood text to see if my body is ready to handle treatment. One of the tests showed all looking great, but the other showed my white blood cells were low. The Doctor still thought I was good to go, although it looks like I may have to add some shots into my regimen for the white blood cells, but then again, just add it to the list of doing what it takes to kick some butt!

With a little bit of a slow start on even getting the port to flow well and then evaluating the blood results, the treatment then went nice and smooth from there. As I have said, I truly feel better than I have in a long time, really even good, except for the impact of treatments. So then in a very nice TEAMjeff effort my Doctor just called tonight because he wanted to share the positive news of my blood markers coming WAY down over the last 4 weeks. These aren’t definitive of what is going on, but they do seem to show some very positive things going on right now. I won’t bother you with the exact markers, but one went from over 1538 to now being 105, and the other going from 29.9 to 6.7. I’ll take those results any day. 😎

Then I was also able to talk to the Doctor and get an idea in timeline going forward. It looks like I’ll have treatment #4 in two weeks, my next scan in 3 weeks, and then we’ll start talking to surgeons at that point and possibly a PET scan to get a full picture before they possibly go in by January. A break from treatment for recovery, but then going another 2 months or so of treatment to be sure we get everything. If all goes well, I’m only getting stronger from there. 💪🏼🤙🏼

Now it’s time to rest up and let my body do it’s thing. Thank you all for your continued support, you keep me strong!

7 thoughts on “Overall a good day for treatment #3

  1. Glad to read the latest update and that your day went well in a number of ways!!! Always keep you in our prayers for strength every day for whatever comes your way and for comfort as you face each new day!!!! Ted and Lynn Bandaruk

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    1. The news sounds promising, Jeff! So good to hear it! Keep on being you and keep battling. Actually, I think I was redundant there 😄. But remember, not too much too soon. 😄 Love you so much! I’m awed by all the comments from TEAMjeff coming from far and wide! Awesome support!👍❤️

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