2 days is much better than 2 weeks…

I’m officially discharged and home, and all things considered doing fantastic. Obviously some recovery still to go and keeping things slow to start, but I’m home! (And my welcome home buddy is by my side again 🙂

Today was smooth overall. They did an X-ray of the chest, all clear. The re-did an echocardiogram to ensure all looked okay, again all good. Last piece was the blood test and I was finally out of there. Only thing we are waiting for is the test results from the blood around the heart, but that takes a few days because of the process.

As it turns out, all the clots I had are now gone, so that’s a very positive response. Next thing up on the docket is my scan on Thursday. So until then I’ll be resting my heart at home and getting stronger and stronger. 💪🏼

Sorry for the worry, but we’re in a good place now and moving forward. Thanks to everyone for your incredible support!


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