Scan results are in…

It is with tempered excitement that I reach out today. I received my scan report back, and it all looks pretty great to me. My doctor is out of town, so that’s where the tempered piece comes in, as I would like to see his reaction to get a feel of where we really stand. That said, it’s overall some pretty exciting news.

Back to the scan report, this is obviously done in medical language, so I am going to simplify and not try to be specific on location. With that said, here’s the breakdown of the report: 2 spots are visible but have significantly decreased in size, 4 spots have apparently “resolved” themselves, and they can’t seem to even visualize the stomach tumor through the CT scan. Pretty amazing overall, even if we consider that the stomach tumor has shrunk enough to be hidden in some way, it still means that it has significantly decreased in size.

It’s seems I have had a very positive response to this treatment and starting the process to kick this cancer’s butt. I’ll need to talk to my doctor to see what the plan is from here. It very likely means we will talk to surgeons to see if it is time to go in and remove what is left.

The slight issue that showed up on the scan seemed to be more fluid around the heart, but I went in to see my good friend Dr. Greg this morning and he said from the echo that my heart looks great. It seems I am still having some heart rate issues (running a little high), but otherwise good news on the echo this morning as well.

Knowing that this is just a step and I have a road ahead of me, I am strengthened to see this reaction and look forward to figuring out the next steps from here. I thank you all for your amazing support during this time, and ask that positive thoughts and prayers continue to flow my way as we fight to eliminate this thing as we move forward.

Now we celebrate having Kristine, Trenton and Paige all together for the week, and I plan to enjoy every moment. Happy Holidays to all!

TEAMjeff Strong!

5 thoughts on “Scan results are in…

  1. PTL! It sounds fabulous to me. Keep up the good work of healing. Having family for the Christmas holiday will be wonderful. Enjoy! Prayers continue. 🙏💕🎄 Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh such good news! Hopefully confirmed and even better when you talk to your dr. We are much relieved, Jeff! Fight on, Warrior! 😊 Much, much love! ❤️❤️❤️🥰😘

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