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Patient Story

Over 5 years ago, Jeff Julian at age 39 was told he had stage IV lung cancer and less than a year to live. But Jeff was no stranger to defying the odds.

While at USC he was a member of the U.S. National Team, a silver medalist at the World University Games, a PAC-10 champion, a NCAA Silver Medalist, eight-time All American and an Olympic Trials finalist.

And now after guidance from his doctors and the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, he signed on to a clinical trial for immunotherapy treatment that had incredible results. He is now nearly cancer free and is participating in the Genomics of Young Lung Cancer study from the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute. He is currently the Head Swim Coach at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

Jeff’s Lung Cancer Story – A Passion for Swimming

In January of 2015 Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given months to live. Now he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others to live their best lives. Here’s a short video of Jeff’s story in 2015.

Honored guest on the Gifters Podcast, sharing inspiring stories from captivating entrepreneurs and extraordinary individuals who are changing the world. (13min, audio)
Inaugural Rays of Hope Award – Acceptance –
Jeff Julian

Jeff Julian, lung cancer survivor and advocate, received the inaugural Rays of Hope Award at the GO2 Foundation 2019 National Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC. This award honors the legacy of Richard Heimler, patient advocate and board of directors member of the former Lung Cancer Alliance, who left an indelible mark of hope and awareness on the lung cancer community.

Lung Cancer Patient Story – Patients Rising
Jeff Julian

Jeff Julian was just 39 years old when he was first diagnosed with lung cancer. As a patient advocate, he explains why the patient’s voice “has to be there in every discussion” about health care.

Jeff’s remarks to the crowd at the Olympians for #TEAMjeff event hosted by Jason Lezak and 9 other Olympians
Improve Your Process…

Coach Jeff sharing some insight on working your process through swimming, but you can really insert your own subject and learn a lot…

1997 Pac 10 200 Fly

Just for a fun trip down memory lane, here is Jeff’s 200 Fly from his Senior year.